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We are more than happy to help solve the IT problems of small and medium-size enterprises and domestic subsidiaries of international firms - with both remote monitoring and on-site work.

Our full-scale software and/or hardware troubleshooting is performed based on a monthly fee or case-by-case basis, without a fixed monthly fee. For more information, please visit our Preferensys page!


Our firm has a national service network and provides comprehensive assistance in PC, notebook, server, data storage and printer-related matters.

Poli Computer is an official HP service partner in Hungary, performing both warranty-based and supplementary repairs for our clients.


After surveying special needs, the experts of Poli Computer provide individual offers for IT development planning partners. Through the help of our engineers, we can provide technical assistance from the time the requirement arises.

Our manufacturer qualifications guarantee the continuous training, up-to-date knowledge and professional knowhow of our sales representatives.


Poli Computer was one of the first firms in Hungary to provide outsourcing services for complex IT issues for both mid-size firms and corporations.

Within the outsourcing model, our IT experts perform tasks in working procedures determined by the client, yet under our employment.

This allows our clients to achieve significant HR savings, since they aren't forced to hire IT experts - the performance of tasks is carried out as a service ordered from our firm.

This solution allows for the elimination of absence and sick leave, since we can continuously delegate experts for tasks from our IT team.


Our firm can allow clients to plan their printing device costs well in advance. We can precisely determine the fixed costs for a specific device over a given period. Poli Computer takes over the materials procurement, accessory supply and repair costs, as well as providing replacement devices for deactivated printers to offer continuous operation and sustain production - all of this in a device-based accounting.


We can provide information technology knowledge for your firm's IT experts and the user-based knowledge of your employees in an efficient manner with professional organizational methods.

Our trainers provide group or individual, personalized training opportunities for your company's co-workers.


One of the challenges in the case of complex, project-based IT developments is the harmonizing of the various work processes in the life of various client firms.

The essence of our project management service is that - through the help of our experts - we will fully assume the organizing, coordination and implementation responsibilities of the various processes while consulting with You.