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We will build your office, corporate or branch office IT system from the ground up (including tabletop devices, servers, printers, network devices, firewalls, etc.). If you'd like to develop your existing infrastructure, our expert team can help you develop cost-effective solutions for your firm's IT-related problems.


We are at your disposal, in particular with Microsoft, HP, Cisco and APC quality hardware, from installation to maintenance and monitoring.

We distribute notebooks, PCs, servers, data storage and network devices, monitors, printers, projectors and scanners - all the devices required for corporate IT systems, office and factory needs.

Not only will we deliver the devices You need, but we'll offer advice on finding the best solutions and provide continuous maintenance for your IT devices.


Poli Computer is in contact with the greatest software development firms in the world. We can provide You with assistance in all software-related issues: from operating systems and office programs to virus definition databases and anti-virus software or graphic programs.

We will survey Your needs to determine the optimal software solutions for your hardware and determine which software is the most cost-effective for You.

We distribute and install both boxed and OM software.